Wild Game

As a small town meat market in the heart of Minnesota’s deer country we cater to the area’s hunting traditions.

We hope your hunting trip was successful! At Miltona Custom Meats we strive to make the trip to your table just as enjoyable. With our expanding varieties of homemade venison sausage you can’t go wrong when having us handle the processing. Whether a deer, elk, or even a bear, our USDA inspected facility provides exceptional processing for a range of wild game.

Deer & Wild Game
Processing at its Finest

Our Wild Game Sausage / Product List

* Indicates meat products that include pork

  • Hamburger
  • Hot Dogs*
  • Ring Bologna*
  • Polish Links*
  • Country Style Links*
  • Smoked Bratwurst*
  • Cheddarwurst*
  • Pizza Brats*
  • Philly Brats*
  • Jalapeno/Cheese Brats*
  • Onion Brats*
  • Wild Rice Brats*
  • Hawaiian Brats*
  • Blueberry Maple Brats*
  • Venison Bacon*
  • Summer Sausage*
  • Breakfast Sausage*
  • Pepperoni Stix*
  • Teriyaki Stix*
  • Beer Stix*
  • Honey BBQ Stix*
  • Beer/Cheese Stix*
  • Jalapeno/Cheese Stix*
  • Buffalo Wing Bleu Cheese Stix*
  • Seasoned Pressed Jerky
  • Dried Venison (sliced & put in approx ½ lb packages)
  • Venison Strip Jerky (made from whole rounds only)

General Information for Wild Game Processing – We will be accepting trimmings only at this time

Important things to know about wild game processing:

  • All orders are processed on a first come, first served basis. We will call you when your order is ready. We regularly process wild game orders through fall and winter, and slow down significantly during spring and summer. 
  • Prices are based upon the combined weight of wild game and pork. Sausages are made with 50% wild game and 50% pork. Summer sausage and sticks are made with 80% wild game and 20% pork. The total cost of sausage is charged by the finished weight. The total cost of sticks, jerky, and dried products is determined by weight prior to smoking. 
  • We will try to accommodate order changes but cannot guarantee changes to initial orders.
  • 5 pound minimum of wild game for each flavor we regularly make. Special orders must have a 25-pound minimum combined weight of wild game and pork.
  • All sausages may be bought in bulk or vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing is an additional charge for sausage. The price of bacon, sticks, jerky, and dried products include vacuum sealing. 


  • All trimmings must be clean, free of hair and clots, and have tag numbers.
  • Please follow safe food handling practices. We will not accept any wild game that appears to have been mishandled or is unsanitary. Do not place trimmings in scented bags or garbage bags. We reserve the right to dispose of any game that is spoiled when it arrives. The owners will be notified first.

As a year-round meat market we have limited space; so all orders need to be picked up within two week of notification. A weekly fee will be charged if other arrangements are not made.