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Deer & Wild Game Processing at its Finest
As a small town meat market in the heart of Minnesota’s deer country we cater to the area’s hunting traditions.

We hope your hunting trip was successful! At Miltona Custom Meats we strive to make the trip to your table just as enjoyable. With our expanding varieties of homemade venison sausage you can’t go wrong when having us handle the processing. Whether a deer, elk, or even a bear, our USDA inspected facility provides exceptional processing for a range of wild game.

Due to Covid-19
We will NOT be processing any carcass deer.

Our Wild Game Sausage / Product List
* Indicates meat products that include pork

Product Notes

General Information for Wild Game Processing - We will be accepting trimmings only at this time

  • Prices include skinning, cutting and wrapping. We will charge extra for animals without a hide.
  • Cuts available: steaks, roasts and chops.
  • Sausages or grinding for hamburger is charged separately.
  • Any head desired for mounting should be picked up promptly. An extra fee will be charged due to the extra time required and loss of hide.

As a year-round meat market we have limited space; so all orders need to be picked up within one week of notification. A weekly fee will be charged if other arrangements are not made.


Venison Brats

Game Sausage

We start making sausage after Thanksgiving, using a first come first served basis. Numerical tickets are used. When your number comes up, we make the sausage. PLEASE WAIT FOR OUR PHONE CALL FOR FINISHED SAUSAGE. We will call you when your order is ready. Home and cell numbers should be provided to us.

Pork is added to all sausages. We charge you for finished weight of product on sausage. Jerky, snack sticks and dried products are charged by raw weight.